About TaeKwonDo

Taekwondo 4-6 Yrs Old
5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
August 20, 2018

karateWhat is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial art, characterized by fast, high, jumping, spinning kicks.

It is an all-around program that offers self-defense training, physical exercise, and artistic expression; all taught by an experienced professional instructor.

Philosophy of Taekwondo

The true Tae Kwon practitioner extends the scope of his art to all aspects of life, in order to achieve harmony with nature and thus a stable and peaceful existence. Taekwondo is not only an excellent method of self defense, but a way of life. These qualities can be traced back to the influence on Buddhism, and its aim of the “Mastery of Self”. Through the philosophy of Taekwondo, a student can rid him or herself of the ego, and live in harmony with the universe.

Objectives of Taekwondo

  • To develop an appreciation for Taekwondo as a sport and as an art
  • To achieve physical fitness through positive participation
  • To improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity
  • To learn self-defense skills
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for one self and others
  • Above Excerpted from http://www.tkdtutor.com/02Taekwondo/WhatsTKD.htm

Just for Fun:  Korean Language Tenets of TaeKwonDo

  • Ye ui – courtesy
  • Yom chi – integrity
  • In nae – perseverance
  • JahJeh – self-control
  • Baekjool – indomitable spirit

COURTESY is the behavior that comes from a respectful attitude. Respect is the attitude that stems from humility. Each student must recognize how much there is to learn and that it is necessary to have someone teach the way. It is respect that will enable the student to be open to learning that comes from the instructor and from the deep places in the heart from where spirituality is nourished. This is why I bow to my instructor ; this is why I bow as I enter and leave the dojang ; this is why I bow to myself whenever I practice alone before the wall of mirrors in the dojang or in my basement.

INTEGRITY is the completeness one attains from adhering to a code of values, i.e. sincerity, honesty and loyalty towards oneself and others. Wrong doing can lead to a path of personal deceit and destruction and the feeling of guilt is the conscious mind allowing one to see the error of his ways.

PERSEVERANCE is the nectar of sweat that yields the honey of accomplishment. The martial arts are a lifelong venture. This venture can be begun by the timid ; but it can only be continued by those who discover perseverance within themselves. This quality can be learned as long as the student simply says “one more try.” Perseverance means that one has learned the art of living with adversity while still keeping one’s sights on goals.

SELF-CONTROL, mastery over one’s behavior, is a vital component in the maturing process. So many children have benefited from their experience with martial arts because they have learned self-control. This enables them to direct their energies in creative ways as attaining better grades in school, more respect and acceptance of responsibility from teachers and parents, and develops a circle of friends based on the positive human values of gentleness and caring rather than rowdiness or intimidation.

INDOMITABLE SPIRIT is the will to do one’s best with all one has, against even the most insurmountable odds. It reflects a personal desire to achieve, through setting goals and living with the results, and resetting goals with the values appreciated through failures.

In the final analysis, it is these five qualities of spirit that will keep the martial artist on the mountain of life, regardless of the body’s physical limitations the years bring forth. To develop and to cherish these qualities and then to practice them, will enable the martial artist to face any and all terrain on the mountain of life where family, work, leisure, friendship and spirituality flow like streams into a lake, running over with water for everything living.

American Taekwondo Foundation

Grand Master Y.S. Chung founded the ATF in 1988, with the focus of setting high standards, in a family atmosphere, while encouraging the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and expertise.